Dairy Milk Giant 1kg Chocolate Bars

giant dairy milk chocolate bar Buy Now Direct from Cadburys

One gift that is synonymous with any holiday period (Easter & Christmas especially) or birthday is the GIANT chocolate bar, and no chocolate bar is more widely known than the Dairy Milk Giant Chocolate bar!

These 1KG beauties are packed full off enough cocoa to satisfy even the hardest of hardcore chocolate fanatics. These Cadburys giant, twin pack Dairy Milk bars are perfect gifts for any occasion, and not only because they are easy to wrap!

They offer pure chocolate indulgence for any chocolate lover to get their teeth into. Perfect for Birthdays, Christmas and not forgetting Easter! The twin pack contains two giant chocolate bars, totalling 2KG of the most revered chocolate on the planet. They are solid right to the core, so you or the recipient can munch for days (or in some peoples' cases hours)!

We have a bountiful supply of these twin packs so drop us an order today and we can have this chocolate overload delivered within hours of your order being placed. Cadburys Dairy Milk Chocolate Bars are easily the most recognisable chocolate bar in the world, second only (maybe) to Galaxy.

Cadburys originally started out as a UK company, specialising in tea and coffee, but they soon realised that they had really got the chocolate market sussed and soon switched over to specialist chocolatiers. The illustrious reputation which Cadburys chocolate enjoys comes from the consistent quality and adorableness of their chocolate.

Give someone this classic edible gift and you can be assured of gratitude. They are the perfect present for any occasion, and you cannot argue that 2KG of the finest Cadburys chocolate is not high up anyone's gift wish list!