Giant Toblerone Bar

giant Toblerone Chocolate Bars

Giant Toblerones, although perfect any time of the year, seem to be specially reserved for the Christmas season! We're not too sure why this is the case, but one thing is for sure; a Giant Toblerone is a perfect present any time of the year!

The Giant Toblerone is available in a variety of different flavours and all weigh in at an impressive 400g. The four flavours available include dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate and fruit and nut. More often than not Toblerone will release special editions for the Christmas period (the most famous of these was the Snow capped version with white Chocolate peaks) and when they do... We'll stock them!

The triangular chunks are meant to be a representation of the Matterhorn in the Swiss Alps and there's no doubt that they are highly revered in their home country as well! It is this unique shape that has made them popular throughout the world, and if differing shapes change the taste of a food, then the Toblerone is the biggest advocate of that!

The great thing about these huge Toblerones is the share-ability factor, although we've got a feeling many of you won't have any urge to share yours at all! But if you can find it in yourself to pass the chocolate chunks about, then each chocolate triangle of these behemoths is a tasty snack in itself!

We have bountiful quantities of Giant Toblerones available for delivery today, so don't wait for Christmas to get your hands on a gargantuan load of triangular deliciousness, order one now and we'll whisk it out to you as soon as possible.